Track Record

We have supported many companies around the world with moving their ideas from a Proof of Concept (PoC) or merely an idea, into successful applications! We have developed Minimal Viable Products from scratch or based on PoCs as were developed by our clients. With our clients, we have build up long term relationships leading to win-win situations for both CyberDevOps.IT and our clients. Below you find a selection of our successful projects which we can share with you:


Dark Market Serious Game

  • Project: Dark Market Serious Game
  • Client: TNO Singapore
  • Project duration: 3 months
  • Technologies: Simple Machine Forum, Bitwasp market place, Bitcoin-testnet-box, Bitcoin abe, UserFrosting wallet, MySQL, AWS
  • Achievements: Transferred the game to AWS Cloud, integration with Dark Web Solutions platform (, made improvements on software quality and stability, maintenance and operations of the game.


Dark Web Monitor Assessment

  • Project: Dark Web Monitor Assessment
  • Client: TNO Singapore
  • Project duration: 2 months
  • Technologies used: MySQL, Django, ElasticSearch, Scrapy crawler, Python, PHP, AWS
  • Achievements: Technical assessment and experiment to let the Dark Web Monitor run in a production environment, to assess the technical market feasibility.


Cybermarqt Web Application development

  • Project: Cybermarqt
  • Client: Cybermarqt-
  • Project duration: 6 months
  • Technologies used: Vue.js, jQuery, Laravel, MySQL, Nginx
  • Achievements: Designed and developed the matchmaker web application for cyber security services and companies.