We provide our services to SMEs, MNCs, not-for-profit organizations and government entities. We work with clients from South East Asia, Europe and the USA.

Development of Cyber Security  Applications Transform a Proof of Concept to  Production Continuous Integration and Delivery Continuous Testing and Quality Assurance



Development of Cyber Security related software applications

We can help you with developing your Cyber Security application from scratch. Based on your requirements we propose the technologies to use and we will implement, validate, deploy and productize your cyber security application. Our experienced team of developers is well adverse with among others.NET, Java, Laravel, PHP, Android, iOS, Cordova. We are using Agile Scrum to develop your application, giving you the opportunity to be involved as much as you want as a Product Owner during the project.


Transform a Proof of Concept to a stable production application

Do you have a Proof of Concept, which needs to be productized or turned into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? Let us help you! We will stabilize your PoC, if required add more features to it and deploy it e.g. in the Cloud or on any other server as per your requirements. We have lots of experience working with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure and a number of other dedicated servers by various hosting providers.



Continuous Integration and Delivery

Continuous Integration (CI) is the development practice that newly changed or developed code is integrated into the main repository of the application, several times a day. Continuous Integration has the following advantages:

  • Early detection of integration issues
  • Always have the latest changes in your main release, e.g. for demonstrations
  • Catch software module issues early and solve them quickly and efficiently

Continuous Delivery (CD) is the practice that software releases are delivered in short
cycles. The purpose is to build, test and release software more frequent, so that newly
added features can be available to the users sooner and with a high level of quality.
Continuous Delivery has the following advantages:

  • Faster time to market for new features to be used by your users
  • Improved development and delivery efficiency
  • Improved software product quality

Continuous testing and Quality assurance

Continuous Testing (CT) is in addition to Continuous Integration, the practice of automated test execution of software releases. This with the purpose of finding issues within the software deliverables as soon as possible and to validate the quality of the release. As part of the DevOps process, testing is a responsibility of QA together with the Development and Operation teams. Tests are preferably to be executed automatically, as to be able to cope with the many releases which might be delivered daily or weekly.


The practice of Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous testing and quality assurance is depicted as part of the DevOps practice. For each step in this process a number of common tools are mentioned as well.