CyberDevOps Pte Ltd reinforced by Mark van Staalduinen

June 2019, Singapore – This week the participation of Mark van Staalduinen in CyberDevOps Pte Ltd (CDO) is formalized. Herre Roelevink and Mark van Staalduinen will form CDO’s Executive Board. The establishment of CDO is a result of the opportunity identified by the founders: translation of proof of concepts (PoCs) into minimum viable products (MVPs); especially in the area of cybersecurity. Both founders bring their unique skills and assets into the company to drive different cybersecurity solutions into a strong product and project portfolio of CDO.

Mark van Staalduinen has a significant cybersecurity track record within The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), for whom he moved early 2016 to Singapore. TNO’s decision to restructure its Singapore office speed up the decision-making to join CDO. This company fulfills Van Staalduinen his entrepreneurial ambitions and furthermore, this company is an important foundation for future activities of TNO in Singapore. The CDO position is a part-time activity, and Van Staalduinen also continues to work for TNO in his capacity as innovation manager.

Herre Roelevink has a long track record on the delivery of software solutions with his company Manifera. Together with the development and operations (DevOps) team, Manifera is recognized in Singapore and the Netherlands for a crucial skill: delivery. This was the ambition where the collaboration between TNO and Manifera started in 2016. Based on the results achieved within a series of projects the last few years, both founders concluded that closer collaboration was required to further unlock the potential growth.

Singapore is keen on research and innovation with strong emphasis on the translation to the next level: tangible and practical outcomes. A proof of concept is interesting, but the minimum viable product and beyond is what really matters. This is the objective of CDO, where we target unique solutions that we drive to higher technology readiness levels (TRL). At the same time, we provide our skills and expertise to productize proof of concepts on request. So stay tuned, our portfolio of products and projects will be further extended the upcoming months!