IT’s time for CyberDevOps. Pace of technology developments forces to fast-track capability development and delivery of Cyber Security solutions. Simple approach. Make your proven idea a managed service in three steps: Code/concept review, Productize and Deliver.

Why Cyber DevOps?

Cyberspace creates new challenges and opportunities. Solutions are not trivial, so it is key to translate good ideas into proof of concepts to test the technical feasibility of a solution. If successful, the proof of concept should be translated to a minimum viable product. In general, funding and getting the right resources is challenging to implement this step, which is known as the innovation valley of death. CyberDevOps is established to bridge this gap.

What do we solve?

CyberDevOps provides a cost effective approach to translate a proof of concept to a minimum viable product. By means of the MVP the market value can be tested, and in case successful the next steps towards the ultimate product are supported.

How we do IT?

Our DevOps experts are based in Vietnam. Here we materialize the solutions based on our high-skilled expertise to improve and maintain your proof-of-concept towards full production. CyberDevOps is managed from Singapore and the Netherlands. Our services are provided on a global scale.


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